Why learn Spanish? - © Philip Schilling

Why learn Spanish?

Where have you been all this time? For centuries now, Spanish has ruled the world – often literally! Nowadays, it's a global language with a growing community of speakers and an important place in international business, diplomacy and culture. Read on for more reasons to study Spanish!


Spanish-language skills are your chance to reach a world of travel destinations. Why study Spanish? Close your eyes and imagine the castles and cobblestone of Toledo, Spain's former capital. Think of the beaches of Andalusia. See yourself strutting the streets of the capital Madrid. Perhaps you might want to enrol in our Travel Spanish 1-day crash course. And why stop there? As the most-spoken language in Latin America, you have a whole continent waiting for you!


If our Business Spanish and Spanish for Tourism Workers courses weren't big enough signs, believe us when we tell you that greater Spanish-language skills will open doors to a world of job opportunities! Whether it be Spain's global capital, Madrid, or tourism hubs like Sevilla, Barcelona or some of the Spanish islands, our language is an impressive weapon to have in the labor market. Look a little farther afield and you'll see a growing use of Spanish in the USA, and don't forget Latin America, an entire continent of job and business opportunities!


The most obvious reason to learn Spanish are the benefits of being able to communicate in a new language. However, the learning doesn't stop here! Greater Spanish-language skills mean you'll have access to an endless supply of learning resources like literature, television, film, music, and more. Spain's creative heart is always pumping, with world-class cinema and a history of producing great writers. Ready to be part of it?


The Spanish language is the world's fourth-most-spoken language, the second-most-spoken language in the USA and Europe, and the dominant tongue in Latin America. Whether it's for personal or professional reasons, the decision to live abroad is best accompanied with improved language skills. And since Spanish is so broadly spoken, it's one of the best language to learn when it comes to lifestyle decisions like living abroad. Find out more about learning Spanish in Spain!


Hey, why not? With our Latin blood, the Spanish make great friends and lovers. So, if you're feeling a little lonely, why not study Spanish? The language is a wonderful option, among the hundreds of languages that exist, since the societies that speak it throughout the world are known for their general warmth and openness. What does that mean for you? A greater opportunity to practice and improve your Spanish.

For more information, check out our tips page for great free resources on how to learn Spanish!