Our Spanish Learning Link Recommendations in Spain - © Philip Schilling

Link Recommendations

From free online resources for language learning to local press and media outlets: Find really useful links allowing you to read the news like the locals.

Free Spanish Language Resources in Spain and beyond

  • Eat & Love Madrid – A Spanish-language food blog focussing on Madrid
  • about.com – A breakdown of Spain's linguistic and cultural diversity
  • LiveTheLanguage – An explanation about the pronoun 'Vosotros', used predominately in Spain
  • 123 Teach Me – Basic Spanish 101 with free Spanish tips
  • Spanicity – Free Spanish resources in the form of audio and music
  • SpanishDrill – Grammar and vocabulary games in Spanish
  • BBC – Learn Spanish with the BBC's free Spanish resources
  • Spanish In Flow – Digital flashcards to develop your vocabulary
  • Audiria – Podcasts in Spanish, including some with Spanish tips
  • Contra Costa Rica Times – Daily cartoons in Spanish
  • LearnerSpanish.com – Informative free advice & articles on everything to know about learning Spanish.

Online press covering Spain

  • El Pais – The online version of Spain's highest-selling newspaper
  • El Mundo – The online version of Spain's second biggest newspaper
  • ABC – The online version of Spain's leading conservative newspaper
  • P├║blico – The online version of Spain's leading left-leaning daily
  • BBC Mundo – BBC's Spanish news service
  • kiosko.net – Links to Spain's major print media
  • Broadcast media in Spain

    • RTVE – Spain's public broadcaster, offering streaming and programs online