Why Ailola Madrid is the best Spanish Language School in Spain - © Unknown

Why with us?

It might be something in the air in majestic Madrid. Perhaps it's the mouth-watering cuisine. Maybe it's proximity to the rest of Europe. Or it could be the satisfaction students come away with after one of our world-class courses. To find what it takes to be one of the best Spanish schools in Spain, read on!

10 Reasons to study with us

Ailola Madrid Spanish School Building

1. Classes in the Central Almond

Classes in an almond? Sí, señor. Ailola Madrid has one of the most enviable locations in the capital at number 7 Calle Raimundo Lulio. Madrid's Central Almond district is chic, shiny and surely fit for the best Spanish school in Madrid. Don't believe us? Check out the photos!

2. Bang for your buck!

Ailola Madrid is recognized as one of the best Spanish schools in Spain when it comes to price and quality. With our marvellous staff of native speakers, spacious and modern classrooms and general commitment to excellence, we really do have the best price tags in Spain. Check out our Spanish courses for more information on pricing!

3. Europe at your fingertips

The best Spanish school in Spain just has to be in Madrid! Not only will you live in a world-class metropolis – rich in history, cuisine and culture – you'll also be in easy reach of other great destinations in Spain and Europe. Learn more about learning Spanish in Spain here!

4. 15 years of experience

Ailola Madrid has been running courses in Madrid for almost 15 years, making us one of the most trusted names in Spanish-language education. Don't take our word for it – read what past students have said! We're committed to being one of the best Spanish schools in Spain and have mastered the techniques to take you there with us.

5. Speak Spanish from day #1

The best Spanish language schools in Madrid have one thing in common: an emphasis on total immersion into the Spanish language. From day #1 at our language school in Madrid, you'll live and breathe Spanish. With afterschool conversation classes, activities, internships and the chance to live with a real Spanish family, you'll have the language rolling off your tongue in no time!

6. Small class sizes

Whether you're a beginner or a near-expert, after we've established your Spanish language skills we'll enrol you into one of our small language classes. At Ailola Madrid our class sizes average from 4 to 5 students. While it's rare, we have a set maximum of 10 students per class. What does this mean? You'll have greater contact with your teacher and closer bonds with your classmates, making language learning that little bit more enjoyable.

Ailola Madrid Language School Team

7. A top staff of native-speakers

Anybody in Spain will tell you that Spaniards know the language better than the rest! That might just be national pride, but we guarantee you'll learn the language with a superb staff of university-educated teachers, all of whom are native speakers who specialize in ELE language instruction and the Spanish culture.

8. Excellence in education

Not only are our staff university-educated native-speakers, they are also up-to-date with the latest Spanish-language teaching practices. Wow! A lot of hyphens, right? Our teachers undergo year-round training and skills improvement, meaning you'll be learning the language today's way!

9. EU-harmonized language levels

Our aim of becoming the best Spanish school in Madrid and Spain – hey, and why not world domination? – focuses on delivering experiences with the language that have a real-life impact on students. That's why we use EU-harmonized language levels, based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, or CEFR. Learn more here!

Ailola Lingua Language Certificate

10. The Ailola Lingua Certificate

Once you're done, you'll want to show people you went to the best Spanish school in Madrid! That's why we'll award you a prestigious Ailola Lingua Certificate when you complete at least 80% of your lessons, reach the duration of your course and achieve the milestones established for the language level you've aimed for.

No surprises at Ailola Madrid, only the best a Spanish school in Spain can offer! For more information on Ailola Madrid, reach out to us today!