Our Spanish School team: Director, Teachers & Staff - © Unknown

Our Team

Ailola Madrid was built from the ground up by a small group of dedicated education professionals. In the 15 years since we opened in the heart of Madrid, we've flourished into a successful team, comprised of experienced teachers and personable administrative staff who'll ensure your time in Madrid is unforgettable.


Mario Calvo

Mario Calvo – School Director

Mario is your go-to guy for everything Ailola Madrid. Mario speaks fluent Spanish and English, having studied both languages at University, as well as German, having lived in Germany for 9 years. A graduate of Hispanic Studies, Mario is warm, likes a good joke and is more than willing to help you with whatever you need during your stay at our Spanish school in Madrid.

Spanish Teachers

Our Spanish teachers are precisely what you'll expect from a Spanish school in the heart of Spain. University-educated, well-read, experienced and best of all… Native speakers! From beginner's to advanced Spanish, we have staff members who know how to work both with you and for you, so you can achieve your language goals.


Ángela – Spanish Teacher

Ángela holds a degree in Hispanic Studies and a Master in ELE. She has 15 years' experience teaching the language. Her major passion in life is music. Angelic in name and nature, Ángela is a pleasant, approachable member of our staff.


Noelia – Spanish Teacher

Noelia loves traveling and studying, making her one of the easiest teachers with whom to relate for students arriving from abroad to study Spanish in Madrid. She has Bachelor in Communication and a Master in ELE, with 7 years' experience teaching Spanish.


Guillermo – Spanish Teacher

A lover of Spanish culture and literature, Guillermo is one of our best-read Spanish teachers. He has a degree in Hispanic Studies and a Master in ELE, with 3 years' experience teaching Spanish.


Lola – Spanish Teacher

Lola's experience teaching Spanish began before many of our students were born. With a degree in Law and a Masters in ELE, Lola has been teaching our majestic Spanish language for over 23 years. She loves nature and has a warm personality.


Helena – Spanish Teacher

Helena holds a degree in Hispanic Studies and a Master in ELE. An expert on all things Madrid, she is an active person who absolutely loves teaching. And so much so, she's been at it for over 14 years!

Office Staff

Joanna Olton

Joanna Olton – Course Coordinator

Joanna is in charge of Ailola Madrid's administration and management. And who better? Originally from Poland, Joanna speaks Spanish, English and Polish fluently. She's also a graduate of English language studies and has a master in Spanish. Joanna is relaxed, friendly and efficient and always available to lend a helping hand.