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Arrival in Madrid

Want to roll into town like Spanish royalty? The best way to get started at our Spanish school in Spain is with the right preparation. That's why Ailola Madrid has the very best processes in place to make sure your stay in Spain begins with a bang and continues as carefree and relaxed as possible. Here's how…

Prepare your trip

Pre-arrival contact

Madrid Spanish School Entrance Area

Ailola Madrid has been in the game for 15 years. We understand exactly what potential students need to know prior to signing up to one of our language courses. That's why, well before your first day at Spanish school in Spain, we'll try answering all your concerns online or on the phone. If you can't find what you're looking for in our Q&A section, reach out to one of our lovely staff members today!

Placement test

Prior to your arrival at our Spanish school in Spain, we'll send you a placement test which will help us determine your current language skills and place you into the course best suited for you. On your first day at our Spanish school in Madrid, at 9am to be exact, we'll also undertake a small oral test just to make sure we've got it right. Remember: we cater for all language levels, from the very basic beginners' courses through to advanced Spanish. Find your course today!

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How to get to your accommodation

As big as a capital city comes and with over 3 million people, big ol' Madrid seems daunting on paper. And while it's actually quite an easy city to navigate, we want to put your mind at ease. To help make your arrival to our Spanish school in Madrid an even more relaxed one, we suggest the following transport options to get you to your accommodation:

Taxi Transportation in Madrid
  • Ailola Madrid airport transfer: For the greatest peace of mind, Ailola Madrid can take you from the arrival's hall to the front door of your accommodation, with a 15-20 minute airport transfer. Available for both arrival and departure.
  • Madrid Metro: Madrid's underground metro system is one of the cheapest, widest and most effective in the world. Forty-five minutes from city, the Barajas airport metro station is your gateway to a metro station in walking distance to your accommodation. Prior to arrival to our Spanish school in Madrid, we'll tell you the exact details on how to make into town!
  • Arrive your way: Dozens of transport options including taxis and shuttles are available at the Barajas airport terminal your flight arrives to. Madrid is a safe city so you can rest easy taking it upon yourself to find transport to your accommodation. On our end, we'll be waiting for you on Monday for your first day of Spanish school in Madrid!

Remember: accommodation options organized through Ailola Madrid are available from the Sunday prior to classes. Additional days depend on availability.

Your First Day

Questions abound on the first day at our Spanish school in Madrid! But we're one step ahead of you. We'll give you a thorough orientation to Ailola Madrid the moment you step through our front door in Madrid's Chamberí neighborhood.

Welcome Pack

Prior to your arrival at our Spanish school in Spain, we'll send you a detailed welcome pack via e-mail, including information about your course, emergency contact details, what to bring, how to make it to your accommodation, and much more! We'll work through the information on the first day and give you the reading material you need, before getting straight into class.

Spanish School Team Madrid


Students are asked to arrive a little earlier on their first Monday for orientation. Be at Ailola Madrid at 9am so staff can assess your spoken Spanish and introduce you to our modern, spacious building and all its amenities. Students are encouraged to arrive earlier to Madrid to get used to the city and rest. (Traveling around Spain before or after your arrival to our Spanish school in Madrid is also a great option.)

Spanish course starts

We don't mess around at Ailola Madrid. we'll dive straight into Spanish courses on your first day at Spanish school in Madrid. There's no time to waste with a language as useful and beautiful as Spanish. To get ahead of yourself, read up on some Spanish language tips!

Note: all courses begin on Mondays, except beginners' classes which have set start dates every second or third Monday and private classes which you can start whenever you want. Contact us today or read more about our courses here!

Your stay in Madrid

After your arrival to our Spanish school in Madrid, we want things to continue running smoothly for you. Heaven forbid we get a negative student review! To keep you smiling like a good madrileño, we've prepared the following:

Students with teacher
  • 24-hour emergency hotline: Considered one of the most livable cities on earth, Madrid is unlikely going to cause you headaches. But just in case, we have a 24-hour emergency hotline for you to turn to.
  • Full-time student support: For all other enquiries, staff at Ailola Madrid are available during business hours. Our team of management and office staff work together to ensure each student is happy with their experience at our school and feel satisfied with the language-learning experience.
  • After-school activities: Language learning can be fun! Especially if you know you have an afternoon of activities planned in Madrid. At Ailola Madrid we offer students a diverse and ever-changing schedule of activities to practice your language skills and get to know our amazing city.

To get started, have a look at the courses we offer to find the right Spanish course for you!