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Our Spanish Teaching Methods

When it comes to Spanish-language courses, you simply can't settle for less than teaching practices that prepare you for the real world! At Ailola Madrid, our focus is on ensuring students can utilize Spanish in a range of environments, through immersion, conversation and all-around confidence building. Find out how we do it!

Speak Spanish from day #1

Spanish is easier to pick up than you might imagine, which is why Ailola Madrid does not hold back when it comes to encouraging students to speak the language from day #1 at our school in Madrid. Through our communicative approach to language learning, you'll hear, speak and engage with the Spanish language in a real-world way, inside the classroom and outside it. There's vocabulary and grammar, too, but always with a focus on practical communication skills. To help reach your goals, we also offer:

Madrid Spanish Teaching Methods

Native Spanish-speaking teachers

You can't top a teaching team of native-speakers when it comes to ensuring students are engaging with the Spanish language in a way that prepares them for the real world. Our teachers are University-educated professionals with years', even decades', experience teaching the Spanish language. With degrees in the Arts, Communication and Hispanic studies, they also act as a gateway to local culture.

Complete immersion into the local lifestyle

At Ailola Madrid, we do our best to create situations and experiences for students that ensure an endless stream of possibilities for immersion into the local way of life. We run daily afterschool activities to take students' Spanish out of the classroom and into the streets of our amazing city. Internship opportunities with our network of local organizations, as well as homestays with real Madrid families, mean you'll live the language and local culture all day, every day… With a chance for a siesta in between, of course!

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