Spanish Intercambio Program in Madrid, Spain - © Unknown

Intercambio Program in Madrid

A truly international city, Madrid is home to a world of people, religions, races, accents and more. Language and culture intercambios, held weekly at bars and clubs across the capital, is where the world meets Madrid and where you'll meet Madrid. Practice the language, make new friends, and enjoy the truly Spanish art of socializing.

Spanish Intercambio Program in Madrid

How it works?

The intercambio program is easy, really. For every day of the week, Ailola Madrid has the details you need to spend an evening among new friends and friendly faces practicing Spanish. We're huge fans of Café Galdós, which holds intercambios on Wednesdays from 8:30pm and Sundays from 7pm. And we might even join you for a drink!

We also have a special intercambio program each Thursday night.