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Activities in Madrid

Mind-boggling Madrid has few competitors when it comes to things to do! Spain's capital is bursting at the seams with cultural events, world-class cuisine, and a never-ending nightlife. It's also a launchpad for unforgettable day-trips. Here's what we've got lined up for you in the way of activities in Spain!

Weekday Activities

Madrid Activities in Parque Retiro

When you sign up for a course at our Spanish school in Spain, you won't just be getting bang for your buck and a course to die for. You'll be enrolling in the Ailola Madrid lifestyle, which includes daily activities in and around our magical city. Great for practicing Spanish, our Spanish school's activities focus on exposing you to the wealth of experiences that the Spanish language and culture have to offer. Weekday activities at our Spanish school are optional and the large majority are free.

We rotate our activities according to availability, so more information about what's on offer when you're in town will be made available to you once you arrive!

Exclusive City Activities

Most of our courses are designed to prioritize the good life! (We're Spanish, remember!) Morning classes mean you'll have the rest of the day to explore Madrid. Our Spanish school activity schedule includes neighborhood walking tours, jogging, bike rides, and so much more, including:

Football Match Real Madrid
  • Free Monday Salsa lessons and our special Spanish and Dancing add-on
  • Free intercambio meetings where you'll interact with local madrileños
  • Guided walks through the heart of the city
  • Thematic city tours on foot
  • Ailola Madrid football/soccer matches
  • Visits to exhibitions and museums
  • Theater, concerts and other entertainment events
  • Outings into the thrilling world of nocturnal Madrid, including drinks and tapas
  • Visits to local businesses where you'll hear and see Spanish in action

Homely In-house Activities

With modern, spacious facilities, why wouldn't we want to put our Spanish school to good use? After lunch at Ailola Madrid, we'll offer students the chance to come back in the afternoon for a rich line-up of in-house activities. These include:

  • Visits from local artists
  • Performances by local musicians (songs in Spanish, of course!)
  • Spanish-language film screenings
  • Wine-tasting
  • Talks and readings on social, political or historic topics
  • Literature workshops

Afterschool Classes

Spanish Course and Museums in Madrid

Why would you learn Spanish in Spain? The answer: immersion, immersion, immersion. Our open, friendly, social continent is a brilliant destination to learn Spanish and put it straight into practice. At Ailola Madrid we offer a range of add-on classes at extra cost to send your Spanish skills skyrocketing. These include:

Weekend Excursions

Madrid is big, fun and diverse enough to keep you satisfied for a lifetime. But, since it's always good to get out of the big smoke and into the fresher air of the countryside, we've thought up a few weekend excursions and activities outside Madrid.

Day Trips

Madrid might be one of Spain's tiniest autonomous communities, but it certainly punches well above its weight in terms of history and culture, with some of the country's most incredible towns, villages, castles and geographical sites. Here's where we'll take you:

Spain excursions to Segovia
  • Toledo: Once the royal capital, today Toledo is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed gem. And for good reason! The city is awash with castles, cathedrals and so much more.
  • Segovia: A stone's throw away from Madrid, Segovia boasts an enormous Cathedral, a 1000-year-old aqueduct, and – in keeping with the trend – castles!
  • El Escorial: Royalists rejoice! We're heading to El Escorial, the historical residence of the Spanish Royal family. Another castle? With lush gardens, a monastery and the tombs of several former kings, you'll be gobsmacked.
  • Alcalá de Henares: A majestic town to the north of Madrid, Alcalá is the birthplace of Miguel de Cervantes and home to some of the best preserved remnants of Spain's Jewish and Arabic history.

Wanting to know more about studying Spanish in Spain? Curious to discover what life's like in Madrid? Learn more about our Spanish school experience today!